About Membership with REEFWA

  • Did you know that all your staff are entitled to annual leave and personal leave entitlements?
  • Did you know superannuation contributions are capped under legislation?
  • Did you know a sexual harassment claim costs real estate employer $20K?
  • Did you know employment implications for buying or selling a real estate business?
  • Did you know an industrial award applies to your clerical/administration staff?
  • Did you know the sales representative may not employ the personal assistant - you do!

When you become a member of REEFWA, you also receive a dual membership to the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA). The dual membership allows you access to the advisory services of CCIWA (including the Employee Relations Advice Centre) for any matters associated

  • with the employment of employees, 
  • Workers’ Compensation, 
  • Occupational Health & Safety, 
  • public holiday information, 
  • rates of pay, 
  • superannuation, 
  • equal employment opportunities to name a few. 

If the issues involve unique circumstances, industry specific issues or is likely to or has already developed into a dispute, an industry specialist provides a more detailed advisory and representation service.

Throughout the past few years REEFWA’s Committee, made up of volunteer Real Estate practitioners, in conjunction with CCIWA, have developed an Employers Handbook the ‘Quick Guide’ which is available online, exclusively to REEFWA members.

It is an essential guide to hiring, managing and dismissing staff whether they are sales, clerical or property management personnel.

The alliance and support provided by the CCIWA ensures that both organisations provide a wide range of practical and necessary services to employers including lobbying, representation in industrial tribunals and of course qualified advisers are available to answer all of your questions relating to any employment issues. 

In summary, it is the CCIWA, which provides the administrative infrastructure and industrial relations services to REEFWA. Its members are the voice of the industry who have developed, maintained and enhanced a stable and practical workplace environment for all.


Annual Membership Fee Structure*

Fees are based on number on employee numbers.

1-5 Employees = $561.00 GST inclusive

6-10 Employees = $638.10 GST inclusive

11-19 Employees = $693.15 GST inclusive

20-39 Employees = $781.30 GST inclusive

40-500 Employees = $957.00 GST inclusive

Group Membership = Conditions apply. For further details please contact REEFWA

Below is a Membership Application Form and a Group Membership Application Form.

Membership Application Form

For further information please contact the Association on: 

Phone: (08) 9365 7510       
Fax: (08) 9365 7550 
Email: reefwa@cciwa.com

 *Prices effective as of 1 June 2015