REEFWA is your Employment Resource

The Real Estate Employers' Federation of Western Australia Inc (REEFWA) charter is to act as an organisation of employers to:

Promote, protect, preserve and represent by a lawful means the industrial interest of members; and

Provide advice and guidance and to assist any member who shall be in an industrial matter or dispute or otherwise merit such assistance.

REEFWA's has been protecting the interests of Real Estate Employers through the many changes of government and with these changes, the complex and ever transforming industrial relations matters.

REEFWA provides comprehensive service to its members by dual membership with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia Inc (CCIWA) and assists members step-by-step through the employment process looking after the interests of employers.

The alliance and support provided by the CCIWA ensures that both organisations provide a wide range of practical and necessary services to real estate employers. 

The REEFWA Committee is made up of voluntary Real Estate Practitioners.


Committee members are:


Peter Kuhne
Kuhne & Associates

Vice President:

Jonathan Marlow


Committee Members:

Neville Roediger

Paul Baird-Murray
L J Hooker - Rockingham

Gordon Davies
Gordon Davies Real Estate

Christopher Tana
Martino Property Group

Bill McKenzie
Soco Realty

Sara Harris
Burgess Rawson


CCI ER Adviser:    

Stephen Farrell


REEFWA Executive Officer:

Michael McGowan



Membership and Administration Officer:    

Chelsey Schroeter